A love story in the South of France

It was by mere coincidence that i met Natasha. I was in a coffee shop in Battersea, London when she overheard that i was a creative and asked if i would talk to her about her upcoming wedding in Toulouse. We connected really well and Natasha loved my travel video’s (seen below) and idea’s about how i would shoot the wedding and the rest was history!

This was one of the most spectacular weddings my team and I have had the pleasure of being part of! The connection this couple have is incredible and i very much enjoyed capturing their special day.


Oh Venice …

What can i say about Venice? Venice is like no other place on earth, well that i have seen anyway! Just like New York City, there is a feeling you get when you walk through the streets and canals of this marvellous city that is so incredibly rich in culture and history.

As a creative, going to Venice is like placing a small hungry child in the middle of a candy store. It becomes hard to concentrate on any one aspect of the city because there is just so much to see and capture. This video captures just a slice of what this city has to offer!


1966 Cadillac Coup Deville.

My long time friend James calls me one day and says “Let’s go for a cruise this Sunday”, being in the car industry James always has access to great cars but i never knew he would be coming to pick me up in a pristine 1966 Cadillac Coup Deville.

Knowing this could be one of the only times i will ever come in contact with a car like this, i quickly bundled up my gear and told James he was now going to be in a small video and we headed off into the amazing hillside of Perth, Western Australia.


Sweaty Betty 2017

Working alongside Paola’s Body Barre, i was asked to make a small highlight video of their class demonstration within the very popular and hugely successful Sweaty Betty Live weekend in London.

For those that don’t know, Sweaty Betty is the go to fitness apparel for women. With over 40 stores worldwide, there is no denying people love their designs and the quality of their clothing. Once a year, Sweaty Betty host a weekend dedicated to different fitness disciplines, healthy food and more!